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Bell Bicycle Helmets

bell bike helmetsEverybody has an obsession of something. For some it is all about riding, in this case am talking about a bike or bicycle. Many people do ride everyday but do they consider their safety when on the road? Riding without your safety gear like helmets on the road can lead to serious accidents. People will tend to ignore having their helmets on when riding as they have the perception that they are kind of heavy and uncomfortable. All that is about to change as I introduce you to Bell bicycle helmets. Bell bicycle helmets without a doubt have been rated top by its users.


These Bell bicycle helmets come in two categories; we have Bell bike helmets and Bell cycle helmets. Ideally they do offer the same functions; to protect you against injuries and get you feeling comfortable while wearing them. There different types of Bell bicycle helmets in the market place. You do not have to worry on how to choose which you will pick. In this review I will provide you with the necessary information that will be handy in making your decision. Let’s talk about the first type of Bell bicycle helmet.


The Bell Array helmet. Every customer that has used this helmet will tell you that it is one of the most comfortable helmets out there. It has a soft padding the lifts the Array giving the rider a clear view of the road ahead. Looking at its weight, it feels superbly light on your head. This Bell bike helmet comes with other great features like the vents that do help with ventilation you may think like a cooling system has been installed on your head. You do not have to worry about the size of your head, this Bell bike helmet is easily adjustable and you are good to go.  


If you love fashion then the choice of Bell bicycle helmet would be the Bell Citi. This Bell cycle helmet has great features at relatively affordable prices. This helmet comes with a 16 channel vent design that lets the warm air out and gives way for the cool air to take over. One thing I cannot forget about this Bell bike helmet is that the construction technology is based on fusion of micro shell that is absolutely thin. This thinness makes the helmet really light and not a burden to wear it. It also comes with a fitting system and cam lock levers that help in fixing the helmet well on your head giving you great protection.  


bell bicycle helmetsThen there is this interesting Bell bicycle helmet, developed by a team of great designers that came up with the helmet that is a legendary in the motocross world. This team developed another great piece of work called the Bell Drop bike helmet. This Bell bike helmet comes with protection if you like to ride downhill with crazy speeds. Just like any other Bell bicycle helmet, it offers great comfort and it is superbly light. You do not have to worry about the big Bells logo on it, when you create something you want to be sure that everybody does recognize your work.  


For cuteness and well-fitting Bell bicycle helmet then your choice will be the amazing Bell Faction helmet. This Bell bicycle helmet is constructed using a hard plastic shell that has dual density; well you can see that protection of our customers has always been our priority. Other excellent features included in this great piece of work do include a 12 channel vent system for perfect cooling and less weight if you compare with other helmets in its category. This Bell bicycle helmet comes in three sizes which are small, medium and large, so don’t worry we do have the size you are looking for.  


The other great helmets that Bell company offers just by way of mentioning do include, the Bell Solar bike helmet, Bell Sweep helmet which by name it just feels fast with excellent fitting, there is also the Bell Venture which one helmet built on aerodynamic principles. For more information about these great masterpieces of Bell bicycle helmets you can visit our main site. It is amazing how the Bell company comes up with such great ideas on how to protect lives of people. Finally I give some safety tips that will greatly protect your live life or those that you love:

- Always wear a helmet when you want to ride
- The helmet should be low in front in order to protect your forehead
- Never forget to fasten the buckle and the chin strap
- Keep in mind the adjustments every time you wear the helmet someone may use it and change your previous settings?
- Maintain your helmet to make sure it is in great shape
- Wear the correct helmet for the activity that your undertaking

Reference: About Bell

For nearly 50 years now, the Bell brand helmets have been used by both sportsmen and women for head protection when cycling. Grand Prix racing, Indy 500 and Olympic cycling are just but a few major cycling sports where riders where the Bell brand. Started as a small auto parts dealer store in a Los Angeles' suburb, the Bell has tremendously grown under the guidance of Roy Ritcher. The brand is a known leader in safety equipment for motorcycling, auto racing and bicycling. Roy Ritcher's commitment to creating quality products, his love for the sport, his care for and trust of his workers, transformed the one-man operation store into a reputable multi-dollar enterprise. His legacy lives on and that's what defines Bell's commitment to quality, racing and innovation. The Bell brand bike helmets have been worn by more World champions than any other brands combined. Their products are available in nearly all local stores and can also be ordered online.