Bell Bicycle Helmets


 Keep Your Head Safe with Bell Array 

bell arrayBell Array Helmet is something that any biker doesn't want to pass up. The helmet style is not too exaggerated, has good ventilation and is full of features. It is very comfortable and light-weight which makes it the ideal wear. It can really reduce the burden if you'll be putting this helmet on. The comfortable and soft padding of the Array feels like it's floating on your head which gives you enough focus on the road ahead. Ventilation is well-established on this one because you can really feel the air flowing, giving you a feeling that a built-in fan is inside. It's great for the winter because you can still put on a cotton cap, ear muffs, and cotton buff without feeling very hot especially with the helmet on. With all the wonderful features this product has to offer, you might think that it can be costly but not at all. Its price is pretty convenient for anyone who wants to buy a helmet. You can guarantee that this helmet will not only fit you well but will give you a great price. Now that's one thing a consumer would love to have. Let's talk about some advantages and disadvantages of this helmet.

  •  Very light weight 

Majority of the bike helmets are heavy which is why most bikers don't like to wear them. The weight on the head can be really distracting and wearing it on a hot summer makes you want to take it off. This is the reason why helmets can barely be seen on the head of bikers. When it comes to the weight, this is not an issue with this helmet. Many users have made their Bell Array review and they find it really ideal and comfortable to wear. The construction of the Array Helmet is made of pure quality so there's assurance that you will be safe in wearing it. You will definitely get the feeling that you've made a good decision when you wear the helmet for the first time on your ride. In fact, you won't even feel like you're wearing it because it's purely light weight.

  • Easily adjustable 

What's also great about this helmet is that it's easily adjustable. Most bike helmets aren't adjustable which make them very uncomfortable for the wearer especially if they're not designed to the shape of their cranium. It can be finely tuned while you're riding your bike. The adjustable feature can barely be seen on most bike helmets so this one will really stand out. The side contract grippers are well designed giving room for the sunglasses' arms to fit. That way, you won't need to clip the sunglasses' arms in between your helmet and your head. The heat of the sun will no longer be a problem on your head with this feature because you can protect your eyes and be able to have good air circulating inside your helmet, giving you total comfort and coolness.

  • Other aspects 

Many customers have also claimed that the Bell Array Helmet saved their lives on several crash accidents. The helmet may have cracked but it assured total protection on the wearer's head. Now that's one thing that you should look for in a helmet, otherwise the injury can be very threatening. Since the helmet was broken, your next step will be to buy a new one and that will cost you extra. What's great about this product is that if you can give them the crash information, the company will give a discount for the replacement. That great offer is very good because you can still have the same helmet at an even cheaper price. Now that's one way of assuring that customers will continue to trust the product and the brand above all.

bell array helmetThere are some customers who find the weight inconsistent with its description because there were some Bell Array Helmets that surpassed several kilograms, thereby ticking the customers to return the product. Nevertheless, it's still comfortable and much lighter than other helmets. So this wouldn't be too big of an issue because the feature of the helmet is still very convenient.


So if you want total protection for your head, be sure to consider buying Bell Array Helmets. Not only can it guarantee your safety but they can also assure great customer service.