Bell Bicycle Helmets


Put on Bell Citi Bike Helmet For Your Safety

bell citiBiking is fun and is ideal for all ages. With the fun and all, it can be dangerous when you get carried away too often. Biking can post some danger especially for the head. Hitting your head especially with a great impact is very critical and it can lead to worse case scenarios. So it's important that you have a safety gear for your head like a helmet to keep yourself from getting injured. Bicycle helmets are required by the safety standard as a basic procedure when it comes to riding bikes. There are some people who neglect this procedure because they have too much confidence in themselves. We can never be too sure of what can happen to us in the road so it's better to be safe than sorry.

For your biking needs, it's always best to put your helmet on. If you're looking for a good helmet, then we recommend that you buy Bell Citi Bike Helmet. It delivers a midrange feature at a base-model price. The helmet is made with a fusion in-mold microshell which involves the process of joining the microshell to the EPS foam layer. This process is more sturdy and solid than those that are taped together. For an easy one-hand adjustment, this model usesBell's ErgoDial fit system wherein the press of a button and a slide of the dial can adjust your helmet for comfortable stability.

The blade visor for the Bell Citi Helmets is removable when you don't need it. The cam-lock levers make the adjusting of the straps around your ears easier. For a cooler feeling, it is designed with 16 channeled vents for a proper air flow in the front and around your head and getting warm air out of the rear ports at the same time. The Bell Citi Helmet is also designed with a Universal Adult size of 54-61 cm and weighs at 290 grams.

As a customer, you need to find a Bell Citi Review before buying one. It will help you make your decision if the product will do you good or not. To meet your standards, you must check its features first.

  • Features

bell citi helmet- Built using the fusion of in-mold microshell - Uses ErgoDial fit system and cam-lock levers for easier adjustment - Has 16 channeled vents for keeping cool air in and flushing warm air out - Comes in adult sizes and weighs at 255 grams -Complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's safety standards for bicycle helmets

Aside from the features, there's a need to also check its advantages and disadvantages. It's one way of assuring that previous customers have no complaint or troubles with the product whatsoever. It's also good especially when you don't want your money to go to waste.

  • Advantages

- It's a really great helmet for protection in biking. - The price is great and very affordable. - It is lightweight and won't be much of a burden for the head. - It fits perfectly especially for an adult size. - Easily adjustable and can be done with one hand. - A nice design ideal for a slick and simple fashion - Good ventilation for proper air flow. - The strap is comfortable for the chin.

  • Disadvantages

- There have been a lot of problems when it comes to the size especially with a smaller head. It's basically ideal for adults since it's been manufactured based on the Universal Adult size. - The only adjustment is just for the strap under the chin. - The sunvisor is a bit small so there's not much protection for the face and the eyes against the sun. Tilting the helmet a bit lower may do the trick.

citi helmetOverall, the Bell Citi Bike Helmet is ideal for protection on the head. It may not be good for extreme biking but this can do well when you're training, strolling, or going distant miles with your bike. So it's not ideal or recommended for those who love to do racing and going downhill. Aside from that, you can guarantee that your head will have some protection with this one rather than not wearing any protective gear at all. Just be sure to always follow the safety standards protocol to avoid any accidents while you're biking.