Bell Bicycle Helmets


Use a Bell Drop Helmet for Downhill Racing

bell drop helmetExtreme bikers always love taking their skills to a whole new level. For those who love to do their extremities by going downhill racing, it can be a dangerous one because you get faster as you descend. The adrenaline rush is great but what if you get an accident? Will it be worth it? If this is your idea of being extreme, you shouldn't do it without some precautions or safety gear. If you love doing downhill racing, you need to protect your body especially your head.

For your head's safety, you'll need to wear a helmet or in this case, the Bell Drop Helmet. This full-face helmet is specifically designed for mountain bikers who love going downhill. This helmet is approved by CPSC and CE EN1078 bicycle standards as well as ASTM F1952-00 Downhill Mountain Bicycle Racing standard, which means that you can assure safety with this helmet. Aside from downhill racing, this helmet can also protect when you're racing, training or even just strolling around on a normal day with your friends. So if you want safety while on your bike, this helmet can give you that.

In choosing which helmet is the right choice, you need to take a look at its features. So if you want to know how good Bell Drop Helmets are before actually buying it, then here are its features.


- Exterior hardshell is made up of a hand laminated fiber glass exterior
- Fully adjustable Flying BridgeVisor
- Extra-thick EPS foam liner
- Maximum protection with its full-face design
- Integrated roost guard that can protect your mouth and chin
- The large size weighs 1096 grams
- Eight cooling vents
- Approved by ASTM F1952-00 Downhill MTB safety standard and CPSC and CE EN1078 safety standards

Of course, once the features of the bike is clear to you, some basic reviews about the advantages and disadvantages are ideal to read because it can clearly define about customer experience and convenience. This is essential in choosing because it can affect your decision making.


bell dropThe trust that you can guarantee when it comes to the protection is that the helmet is certified by the safety standards. So there's assurance that nothing will happen to your head just as long as you have the helmet on. Apart from the size of the helmet, it is still light-weight. So there is no issue that your head will burden the weight even if you wear it for a longer time. As proven by many mountain bikers, this one is the most comfortable of all the full-face helmets especially when using it for downhill. It has cushioning pads that give total comfort to your head and it can be very helpful whenever the helmet takes on an impact. The liner can also be removed for a more convenient way of washing.


Since it's a full-face helmet, expect to have less ventilation as well. Of course, this one still has great air flow but having additional vents will be more convenient. As for the size, it's a bit bigger than the usual full-face helmet. But the big size may probably give a bit room for your head so that you won't feel uncomfortable when wearing it. It may also be the reason why it can protect your head very well. If you're strict when it comes to the design, then the logo for this one may capture your attention. TheBelllogo is not that good but then it wouldn't matter since it has nothing to do when it comes to your protection. And aside from the logo, the design of the helmet is limited. So if you don't like the design but need a good head protection then you have no choice but to get used to it.

In conclusion, when you finally have your Bell Drop Helmet, downhill racing can no longer be that much dangerous to you. But if you're not into the downhill thing, you can also use this for other things such as motor biking, bike races and other extreme biking stuff. So whatever you do, it's always important that your head is safe at all times. If this is in your possession, you can feel well-protected and will have no problems whenever your head experiences an impact.