Bell Bicycle Helmets


Get More Stylish with the Bell Faction Helmet

bell factionAlmost all sports require a safety gear for protection. The most critical body part that can take serious damage will be the head. The head basically protects the brain so an injury to the head can be crucial. In order for the head to be safe, a helmet is commonly used as an extra protection. A helmet is helpful when you get thrown away from your bike and go head first. The helmet usually takes all the impact of the crash rather than it going directly to your head. Depending on how strong your head hits an object, the damage can be very devastating. So when you're wearing a helmet, you're doing a great deal for your life's safety.

If you are into bikes then wearing a helmet is a must. Depending on your biking activities, you may need a different kind of helmet. So if you want to have a new look for a bike helmet, then you might be interested in having a Bell Faction Multi Sport Helmet. The use of this helmet is not only limited to biking but to other sports as well. This helmet is a combination comfort and style. What makes it unique is that its design is similar to a skate helmet. It is made of ABS hard plastic shell with a dual density EPS liner. A total of 12 vents are imbedded for proper air flow which keeps warm air out and cool air in. A great thing when it comes to safety is that it's ASTM 1492 skate certified and CPSC bicycle-safety standard.

  • Features

To ensure the helmet's safety standards, a thorough check of its features must be established. It is one way of assuring that you've chosen the right helmet for your sporting needs and that it can post no danger to you. To know what's so great about this Bell Faction Helmet then here are its features:

- The skate-inspired helmet design makes it ideal not only for biking but to skating and other sports as well.
- Made with ABS hard plastic shell and a dual density EPS liner making it safe for your head.
- 12 vents to keep your head cool at all times.
- It weighs at 426 grams and it comes in three different sizes
- Certified with both CPSC bicycle-safety standard and ASTM 1492 skate giving you assurance

  • Advantages

As a customer, you won't only educate yourself about the product with the features alone. You must also need to know the advantages and disadvantages to see if it is safe enough for you. First off, you need to know the positive sides of the product also know as the advantages.

bell faction helmet- To keep the wearer comfortable, it is made with a well-fitting design.
- Due to the skate-helmet inspired design, it is really cute to look at.
- It is well made with the perfect materials to keep your head safe.
- It is very functional when it comes to the protection of your head.
- Sold at a very great price ideal for a helmet.
- Available with different designs that can cater your taste.
- Gives more protection than any other helmet.

  • Disadvantages

Despite the good things, every product has some of its flaws as well. It's the reason why manufacturers keep changing the design by improving the recent version. Every time a new model comes out, it still has problems that customers usually find. So for you to know what the downside of this product are then here are its disadvantages.

- Since it weighs around 426 grams, customers find it a bit heavy than the typical helmet.
- The chin strap may fit uncomfortably.
- Due to its skate helmet design, it looks pretty bulky. This is probably the reason why it weighs a little heavy.
- The combination of the buckle / strap is horrible and it ruins the helmet's look.

  • Bell Fraction

 Bell Fraction - the same helmet as Faction, but it is specifically designed  for youth kids. It weights 404 grams and has the following sizes: XS (48-53cm / 18.75"-20.75"), SM (51-56cm / 20"-22")

  •  Conclusion

This helmet is really great for commuting because it may not be good enough for extreme protection. It can be something to at least keep your head safe on certain occasions. So if ever you plan on doing some stunts or something dangerous, this helmet can't protect your head fully especially the face. Nevertheless, it's still better to have this one on your head than having nothing at all.