Bell Bicycle Helmets


Ride safe with Bell solar helmet

bell solarSafety is a major concern in any sports especially if the sport is related to a vehicle drive. In order to protect the driver the safety equipment used must be of pristine quality. Bell (Bell sports) is one of the leaders in the market of safety gear throughout the world. It started about 40 years ago from automotive spare parts shop in Los Angeles. From then on, their quality and devotion led them to greatness. Not bell helmets are used in most of the major events such as formula one and tour de France cycle race. Bell has a whole line of safety helmets released in order to provide comfort and protection to the user. Bell solar helmet is also one of them.

This helmet has been specifically designed for the adult population who prefer cycling as their hobby. It comes in great shapes and designs with one universal size that fits all. It has 23 vents and air spaces embedded in the helmet to et air pass in to the helmet. Aside from being protective and comfortable it is also aesthetic to look at which steals the show. Aside from these factors it has a lot of feature that are given below.

  • Fusion in-mold construction

A helmet is constructed out of three different layers that serve their own purpose. These are the shell, the nylon webbing and the EPS foam. The main safety issue faced is that all of these layers are produced separately and then infused together to form a single helmet. This may work to form a single finished product but from a safety point of view this is dangerous as, upon impact, the layers simple start to slde past each other and loses their functionality as a whole.

In this helmet the layers are created as a whole and they are infused together in a single mold when they are being produced. This results in a sturdier arrangement. This has helped to save many lived and have reduced some serious injuries that are inflicted in the sport. Since the EPS foam is infused in the mold along with the shell, the foam lasts longer giving you added comfort.

  • ErdoDial fit system

This helmet understands the fact that a large group of audience takes up cycling as a hobby and a fitness activity. This means that a single size is not enough to cater to the needs of the entire public. Solar helmet has come up with an innovative idea with the basic approach of one size fits all. An adjustable dial called the ergodial is used to adjust the size of the helmet. It will fit perfectly for a cranium size of 54-61 cm. this feature makes the Bell solar helmet perfect for young adults with a growing head since all they have to do is to adjust the ergodial.

  • Cam-lock levers

A major discomfort that is born by almost all of the people wearing a helmet is the fact that the strap mostly goes over the ear. This not only presses the ear continually but when we ride the cycle this strap rubs against the ear causing a nasty rash that makes wearing a helmet a painful ordeal. The Bell solar helmet has been equipped with a technology known as cam-lock levers. In this the position of the strap can be changed so that it does not rub up against the ear. This is an ingenious way to avoid the problem altogether.


bell solar helmetBell solar helmet is a very comfortably and ergonomically designed helmet that helps to protect while keeping you comfortable. Some of the pros of  solar helmet are Fitting- the It is equipped with a technology known as ergodial system. This enables the user to adjust the size of the helmet to fit comfortably on the head without being too tight or too loose. Airy and light- It has 23 slots in the shell which not only makes it airy but also makes it light weight so that you would not have to be burdened by the weight of a helmet while enjoying the ridePrice- the Bell solar helmet is reasonably priced for a helmet carrying such level of protection and you can buy it online. Why spend money on an expenses quality when you can have the same protection at a third price?


The main problem with the Bell solar helmet is the chin strap that has been uncomfortably designed and irritates during the ride.Chin strap- the chin strap is comfortable and the combination of the chin strap with the rest of the helmet does not work. Bulky- although the this helmet is light weight but is extremely bulky for someone who cycles as a hobby.