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 Bell Venture: Nice helmet for a great price! 

bell ventureSummarized Description

Performance attributes and features of a high-end helmet at a rung bottom price is the best description of the all-new Bell Venture. Cyclists like its ventilation, adjustability, light weight, strength and durability

Product Description

This helmet has performance attributes of a high-cost bicycle helmet but is actually sold online at a relatively cheaper price. From the numerous Bell venture reviews by customers, it is easy to note that this is a highly regarded bicycle helmet among cyclist. The cyclist simply agrees that this helmet is quite great for its price. The product has some nice design features only found in high-end helmet. The cyclists are very much pleased with venture helmet's easy to adjust chin strap – one hand adjustment through the ErgoDial fit system. The padding system also helps minimize unnecessary friction and possible irritation. The helmet has an easy-to-remove visor that also just snaps-in during replacement. In addition, It's Cam-Lock levers make adjusting the straps around the rider's ears easier. With helmet on their head, the cyclist simply opens the cam, position it for comfort and lock the lever.

The bell venture helmetBell venture helmet can be obtained from the local stores, or ordered online, in a wide range of colors. The customer can choose from red and white, black, pink and silver and silver and titanium quality helmets. The Bell venture bike helmet weighs a mere 260 grams. This reduces the strain on the cyclist's head hence increased comfort, especially during long rides. The helmet is CPSC certified which means it complies with the U.S consumer safety standards for bike helmets.

The helmet gives plenty of ventilation through its 23 air vents. The wavy vents also boost the helmet's aesthetic appeal by giving it a decidedly innovative look. The three lower front vents also have bug nets. Even though these nets are unreliable protection from small insects, they protect the cyclists head from the bigger bags. Structurally, this helmet is quite strong. This helmet is constructed with a unique in-molded EPS-fused plastic shell. During its construction, the helmet's microshell is bonded to the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam layer. Unlike other techniques, where the EPS and the shell are formed separately and then taped together, the in-molding technique makes It sturdier and more solid.

With a slick design, the venture fits a wide range of head size and shapes and would look like if it was custom made for that particular cyclist's head. It is both a unisex and a uni-sized helmet designed to fit both male and female riders with head size range between 54 to 62 centimeter round. From this range, it is evident that the ventures fit large adult heads. For small heads, however, this can be a limitation as the helmet's size cannot be easily adjusted. It is advisable, however, to test the different sizes in your local store for a nice fitting Bell venture bicycle helmet before ordering it online. This helps you identify the right size for your head.

bell venture visorAdvantages

Comfortable Easy-to- fit ErgoDial system Removable visor Variety of colors (7colors) Bug net in each of the front lower 3 vents Cheap Durable Sturdy and solid Well ventilated Light weight


You may need sunglasses Difficulty in adjusting its size Specifications Number of vents: 32 Fusion In-Mold Microshell Size: uni-sex Adult Size (54-61cm)Certification: CPSC CertifiedPinchGuard BuckleErgoDial Adjustment SystemSnap-In VisorWeight: 260g